Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Third favorite holiday of the year!

OK so maybe every two years.

I just couldn't contain my excitement to vote today. Even when I showed up and the line was down the street. I really think Election Day should be a holiday. I almost didn't have a chance to go this morning, and I could have been stuck going tonight and waiting in an even longer line!

But why don't we have the day off? Would too many people go boating instead of voting? Maybe we could save it for national election years.

I think more people would vote. And then I would also have more people coming to my Election Party!

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beckbot said...

I agree! My kids had the day off, which was kind of funny because, well, they can't vote. But their teachers can, so I guess they needed the day off. We spent the day at the park just thinkin' about how great it is to be 'Merican.