Friday, November 21, 2008

My big break

So I've finally launched my modeling career. Yes, it's late, but through hard work I'm finally a cover girl.

Or maybe my friend writes for a news magazine and asked me to do their cover as a favor.

But what a fun favor!

I got all dressed up while my friend did my makeup, then we headed over to the 99 Cent Store, who graciously let us roll around their aisles throwing coupons around. The cadre of ogling onlookers was a bonus.

So check out The Times publication next month to see the final copy of yours truly. I'm sure my phone will be ringing off the hook!


beckbot said...

Linz, you look amazing! Think you can talk Dad into pushing you down the aisle in a grocery cart?

The {Prince} Family said...

LOVE it! You look hot girl.... Tony is one lucky fella!