Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood?

You meet a lot of interesting people when you run at 6 am on Sunday mornings:

Shopping cart guy

Pretty harmless. Usually has a destination. Still, avoided by me when possible.

Punk rock guy

This is one that threw me for a loop. I saw two separate guys dressed all in black, smoking and walking down the street at 6:30 a.m. Was he up all night? Is this when he does his best thinking? Is he trying to get his cholesterol down?


Very flashy outfits. Extremely muscular legs. Usually good about warning you before they run you over.
Other runners
Pretty friendly. Generally running faster than me. But hey, they're out there. And so am I.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Have you ever been so bored you actually get tired because of it? It's so sad to go to bed at the end of a day feeling like you didn't deserve the rest.

PS don't you love Google image search? Fun time-filler: Google words that should not have an associated image (divorce, humiliated, or yay!) and see what pops up.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happiest Race on Earth

Yesterday my good friend Catharyn and I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim. It was wonderful! The path took us through the actual park, where we were greeted by Pinocchio, Buzz Lightyear, Belle and the Beast, Alice and the Mad Hatter and many more.

The medals are awesome, too. Golden Disney castles. I plan on wearing mine for the next month.

The only disappointment was the time. I finished my last half marathon, PF Chang's, in 2:25 (two hours 25 minutes). This one was 2:47, due to the several times we actually had to come to a dead stop during the race because the running path was too narrow and we had to wait to get through.

But aside from that small setback, we had a great time and I would definitely do it again!