Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I no longer have to hoard the gourd. The pumpkin shortage is over. What? What's that you say? You didn't know there was a pumpkin shortage? Well, there was. And it was pretty tragic. The only place I could find real canned pumpkin was at Sprouts, and if you didn't get there fast enough, someone else would snatch them all up.

The reason I was so deeply affected by this shortage is because I have recently developed an obsession with canned pumpkin. I want to put it in everything. So far, this is what I've made:
* chocolate cake/cupcakes (cake mix, pumpkin, 2/3 cups water)
* enchiladas (add pumpkin to the sauce for fiber and moist, thick goodness)
* oatmeal (just stir a couple spoonfuls in for fiber and delicious taste)
* pancakes (add a half cup with cinnamon)
* cookies

I've read that pumpkin is considered a super food: high fiber and vitamins, low in calories. Plus it's delicious. And, luckily, now available in hordes. Hordes of gourdes.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm stressed out and I need a donut

The past couple weeks I've been a bit of a wreck. My finance class is really hard and it's not going well. I do not take bad grades lying down. I take bad grades lying awake at night with nightmares about the Weighted Average Cost of Capital.

It's been interesting to see how school has impacted my life. I now believe that there are different kinds of stress. I felt a specific stress while I planned my wedding. School stress leads me to have nightmares and be a little high-strung, where the only way to calm me down is a box of donut holes (thank you husband).

Mainly I complain a lot and want everyone's pity. I always think I will never survive, I will never sleep again, I will never be happy again. But the sun has start to come out, and I'm not worrying quite so much anymore. Now I just need to worry about losing that donut weight.