Monday, August 16, 2010

Camping Fail

Turns out camping is not always a paradaisical journey.

Saturday's list of failures:
* Missed turn to get to Prescott. Detour takes an hour.
* Finally get to camping spot. Seems a little hot. Seems a little sparse. Seems a little --- bee-swarmy! A giant cloud of bees heading our way prompts us to pack up.
* Next spot is full
* Find a spot. Nice and shady. Bee-free.
* Neighboring camper pulls up with a license plate reading "ANTHRAX" and proceeds to BLAST 80s crap rock until 1 a.m.

Sunday went great. Weather was beautiful and we got in plenty of reading and eating of Fat-Free Pringles...anthrax-free.

Not ready to give up on my quest to be the ultimate camper.