Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Filling the Void

Apparently I am replacing wedding stress with....just about everything else. Stupid stuff. Shower curtains.

Do I really miss the planning and stressing that bad, that I'm replacing it with anxiety over which night stand table to buy?

I always thought this post-wedding depression came from girls who miss being in the spotlight. I guess I miss being in the headlights.

Hopefully I will replace this fake stress with real stress (school perhaps?) so I can stop worrying about the fact that I have nothing good to worry about.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh it's SIR-rat-cha

The New York Times has published a very interesting story discussing the origins of Sriracha, the red sauce people know by many different names (my friend calls it Death Sauce).

Very informative and kinda funny story about a sauce we discovered at Pita Jungle, but have seen in several different places since. The article mentions that big-name restaurants are now incorporating it into their sauces.

Read about it here:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Alone

I am so rarely alone that it's hard to know what to do with myself.

T is at the Flight of the Conchords concert. Cam only had one ticket, and I figured he would enjoy it immensely. But that lives me at home alone with no car and suddenly all the chores I need to do (thank you notes, dishes) or exercising I could do seem very unappetizing.

Between T and sharing an office at work, the only time I am alone is in the car, and I usually like to be on the phone or have the radio blasting.

It leaves me wondering if I'm shallow or just uninteresting on my own. I already watched a movie and posted on FB. Now I'm tempted to shower and put on my jams, and it's not even 10 pm!

I feel like I should be doing some deep thinking or introspection. Instead I'm bored. And writing boring blog posts. Lucky you!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Back to business

Back at work. It's not all bad, actually. I've been struggling to have a semblance of a normal life, and work really helps me get back in the motions. And it really helps that I'm not having to plan my wedding in between meetings!

It is always hard to come back from vacation. It's like trying to ice skate when you haven't done it for five years. Little sloppy. Can't remember all your moves.

Wedding, in short, was amazing. Longer post on learning your lessons and acknowledging life events still to come.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

No caffeine required but I had some anyway

I am a ball of nervous energy. I could barely sleep. I've already worked out, read the paper, done some banking and now blogged.

I'm not really worried, per se. There is a lot to remember to do (hit my parents' house, the bank, the mall, get some sun, pick up the cakes, rehearsal, family dinner sleepover) but I'm sure it will all get done.

Can't believe it's here.

Friday, May 01, 2009

My last Friday

Today is my last Friday as a single gal. By the end of next Friday, I will be married.

Feeling OK. Really excited to see my sisters (honestly one of the biggest perks of this whole thing is that we will have a few days together).

The moment I am anticipating most is the first dance. Not sure why, but I keep picturing that as The Moment.

Should be fun. Can't believe it's already here. The last seven months feel like they flew by, and yet I've aged five years in the meantime.

Excited for it to come. Excited for it to go. :)

You're fired!

I fired my doctor today after the last in a long string of rudeness and poor care. I also wrote a scathing review on Angie's List, which is now posting info on doctors.

Honestly, what doctor's office answers the phone with a simple, "Hello" ? I thought I had the wrong number. And that's just the beginning.

The problem is that I now need a new doctor! Hoping a referral from a friend works out.