Monday, June 14, 2010

Pancake Experiment

U.S. Egg, one of our favorite breakfast restaurants, serves a delicious dish called "protein pancakes." It lists it under a low-carb menu, though from what I can tell, nearly all the ingredients are carb heavy (pancake batter, oatmeal, etc). Oh well. They are delicious so I tried my own version this morning:

Oatmeal and Pecan Pancakes

- two packets of "cinnamon roll" flavored instant oatmeal
- 3/4 cup pecans, chopped
- 2 tbs butter
- 1 tbs brown sugar

Saute in a pan on medium heat until mixture is coated. Add to regular pancake batter and cook as usual.

They did come out very thick, so the next time around I will probably thin out the batter with more water. I also wonder if it would help to throw the oatmeal and pecans in the food processor beforehand. I'm guessing this idea would also work with homemade granola.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Catching my Breath

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to NYC, with a brief stop in Amish Country, PA. 


* bought homemade jam from the Amish. It is delicious. Their way of life is a little weird and seems to be "off the grid" only when it is convenient. (They can have cell phones but not house phones. Wha?)

* visited the Hershey factory and got intoxicated off the smell. Also tried chocolate-drizzled popcorn, which was amazing.

* took the train to NYC and saw the Pennsylvania countryside, which is very green and gorgeous. Who knew?

* Stayed in New Jersey. No one is nice in Jersey.

* Went to the museum of Natural History to see dinosaur bones and the like. My favorite section was the gems and minerals. Truly like seeing another planet.

* played in Central Park (see pic above) and had a chocolate malted milkshake. mmmm

* Got lost on the subway and ended up in Brooklyn. Exciting!

* Paid $80 for a cab ride. On accident.

* Bought a purse in Chinatown and haggled the price down. Not by much, though. I lack the patience to be a really good haggler.

* Ate pizza, Indian food, brunch, ice cream, hot dogs, burgers and more. Liquid diet is going well.

One last highlight was actually kinda scary. I have inherited my mother's habit of choking on nearly, drink...air. At one point on this trip I swallowed down the wrong pipe as they say, and started coughing. But it wasn't helping. I felt like I couldn't breathe. And I wasn't eating, so it wasn't food. Just couldn't get any air. Scary. Obviously I'm OK. But I was pretty terrified for a minute.

Anyway, we were gone for a whole week, which was great. And it made the return home that much sweeter. There's something so comforting about your own crappy sheets and dusty nightstand.