Friday, February 22, 2008

blast ye tiny peddlers of sweets!

Ahhh.....Girl Scout cookies. So good. Yet so short-lived.

The question: Would they be as good if they were available year-round? Methinks not. It makes them more valuable and delicious.

My problem is choosing between my two favorites - Tagalongs (chocolate and peanut butter) and of course Thin Mints. So I don't actually choose. I just hand over 8 bucks to some sports writer's adorable 8-year-old daughter.

What are your picks for the best Girl Scout cookies?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm all, like, cultured and junk

Last night Loc took me to see the Phoenix Symphony. Loved it! The music was amazing. I'd forgotten how much of a difference a live performance can make.

This is another in our series of seeing live shows: We saw a taping of Wait, Wait, went to a discussion with actress Cloris Leachman, and, well, saw The Shins a while back, but that was more of a rock concert.

I would still like to see Ballet Arizona, another opera, a play and a jazz orchestra.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Wait Wait......WAIT!

Thursday we got to attend a taping of Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me! The NPR News Quiz. It was awesome! I got to meet the host, Peter Sagal, who incidentally looks exactly like his voice sounds, if that's possible. We also got to learn some of the secrets of the show:
- The callers leave a message at NPR. They are chosen by wit and conversation skills. Then they are told to wait by the phone Thursday nights, when the show tapes.
- To get Karl Kassell's voice on your home answering machine, winners write out the message they want, he records it and a CD is sent to your home.
- After the taping, they retape certain parts that didn't go well or got flubbed.

Overall it was freakin awesome! Listen on Saturday to see how much AZ Governor Janet Napolitano knows about college basketball coach Bobby Knight.

The future of the Suns?

I hope he has some kind of magic power to stay off the injured list.

Friday, February 01, 2008

one thing I HATE SO MUCH

Tonight I ran into someone I see from time to time. Someone I met in high school. We worked at the zoo together. We went to a Blink 182 concert together. He criticized me for driving my mom's van too fast. I have seen him at other events. So in other words, he's an acquaintance, right?

Well apparently that's wrong. He had no idea who I was. Didn't know my name, barely showed recognition that we'd met before.

And it kills me. Because, you see, this is something that happens ALL THE TIME. People I have met before completely forgetting me. Tell me the truth - is it my face? Do I just have a forgettable face?

Ruined my night. I could barely enjoy my overpriced tiramisu.