Friday, February 08, 2008

Wait Wait......WAIT!

Thursday we got to attend a taping of Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me! The NPR News Quiz. It was awesome! I got to meet the host, Peter Sagal, who incidentally looks exactly like his voice sounds, if that's possible. We also got to learn some of the secrets of the show:
- The callers leave a message at NPR. They are chosen by wit and conversation skills. Then they are told to wait by the phone Thursday nights, when the show tapes.
- To get Karl Kassell's voice on your home answering machine, winners write out the message they want, he records it and a CD is sent to your home.
- After the taping, they retape certain parts that didn't go well or got flubbed.

Overall it was freakin awesome! Listen on Saturday to see how much AZ Governor Janet Napolitano knows about college basketball coach Bobby Knight.

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