Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top 10 Things I'd Rather Be Doing

I have a couple days off school this week, which has led me to reflect on my life before school. Dinner. Sleep. TV. These are all little relics I sometimes think about.

Now don't get me wrong. I like school and it was definitely the right choice. But these little doses of freedom just get me thinking about things I wish I could do if I had time. And things I may just accomplish once school is over.

So here goes...Top 10 Things I'd Rather Be Doing:

10. Finishing my Craigslist desk. Still needs a fancier bulletin board and new knobs.
9. Sewing curtains for the guest bathroom.
8. Planning our video submission to HGTV.
7. Taking a cake decorating class.
6. Working out. I do it in the mornings sometimes but I am not good at getting up in the morning.
5. Seeing family and friends. Right now I often miss parties or dinner invites, and I would love to reconnect with some of these people. Husband included!
4. Buying and hanging cabinets in the laundry room. Never done cabinets before so I figure just a few couldn't be so hard, right?
3. Vacuuming my car. I guess I could go to the car wash and have them do it. But when?
2. Going on a taste-cation. I love a good theme. Why not apply a theme to the next vacation? I would even combine a stay-cation with a taste-cation and try new restaurants in the city. Ta-stay-cation?
1. Sleeping. I went to bed at 9:30 the other night and it was so blissful.

I guess blogging would be number 11. I've noticed that I blog about twice a month. Kinda pathetic, but hey at least you know what I'm doing when I'm not blogging, right?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Desk it Yourself

Another great Craigslist purchase has finally made it indoors. If you look very hard, you can tell that this desk was sort of a Southwesty beige color. Not sure why it's Southwest, but it felt that way, and it looked pretty ugmo.

Note the little drawing left by the previous owner, a 7-year-old girl. :) We hauled this thing away for $100, which wasn't bad considering it has a light and a hutch. Perfect for my guest room and my Hello Kitty sewing machine. Please pardon the junk already piled beneath it. I sorta suck at taking blog pictures.

But now the dilemma is what to do with that cork board. Much as I love the little drawings, I painted without tape and with the plan to cover the cork with something. Paint? Fabric? Metal? I've had a few good suggestions from friends. This is what I've fashioned using the free image software called, no kidding, GIMP:

Slate blue. I have other blue accents in the room. This is probably not my favorite idea.

Argyle? I stole this image from Google without looking closely at the pattern, which has little skulls. Not sure I would find this at Jo Ann's, but I might be able to find a less skullish argyle pattern.

This is probably my favorite idea. I like the swirlies. Definitely looking for more ideas! And now that I have a space to work on more sewing projects, I could even sew this mutha. Very excited to finally have this addition to my space. I had been searching for the right one for months, and then had to take the required time to prime, paint and cure. And wipe off the little paw prints left by the numskulls known as Beverly and Merriweather!