Monday, November 17, 2008

Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?

I love Christmas. I really do. The music, the treats, the family traditions. All bring joy to my soul.

So imagine my disappointment this weekend when I went to buy Christmas decorations for J Place, Tony's new house that will become ours in May.

My priorities were pretty simple going in: I was looking for garland and lights to hang outside; a tree and centerpiece for inside. I didn't think I would be looking for something more.

But as I looked at the displays in Target, Wal-Mart and Michaels, I noticed that anything resembling Jesus or the nativity is a little hard to come by. Sometimes they are even banished to one seemingly "Christian Corner" out of all the rows and rows of items. Instead, you can choose from fancy Santa, cute Santa, toy Santa, NASCAR Santa and any number of snowmen, reindeer and elves.

The worst was the row that offered Christmas decorations in hot pink and neon green.

I was surprised at my own revulsion. I happen to own a little white tree with pink lights. I buy into the commercialism every year it seems.

But this year was different. Maybe I was just looking for something unique. I hope it is because for the first time I am decorating MY HOUSE, the future site of a 2-person family with hopes for more. And I want Christmas to be about Christ. About joy. About the brave Mary and her loyal husband. About the grand sacrifice for mankind.

I want my home to feel warm and loving all the time, not only during Christmas. But you'd think it would be a little easier to create a Christian environment during such a holiday.


erinwillis said...

Deseret Book has a ton of nativities. You should check it out. Have fun finding the things that will make Christmas special. Sometimes they aren't things..... but sometimes they are things that go on 75% clearance after Christmas is over. :) One year I snagged some of Target's bright pink "Christmas" wrapping paper for 75% off and I use it for girly birthday wrapping (I have plenty of girls to use it for).

dan and ashley said...

linz- you gotta come check out our store!