Monday, October 27, 2008

Fiber is #1!

I met with a nutritionist this week, and it was very enlightening. Most of it was not new info (take half your meal to go, portion your meat to the size of a playing card), but it WAS nice to have the official word on food.

I am easily swayed by the advice from the last article I read, be it "focus on protein" or "carbs are OK," or "it's totally cool to eat Zebra Cakes for breakfast and lunch."

I took two major messages away from our meeting (and several minor ones): 1. Eat little snacks between meals. 2. Focus on being fiber-iffic!

Already the little meals are helping a lot. I'm not nearly as famished by dinner when I've had an apple or something at 4 pm.

And as for fiber, I was sadly uninformed about where it's found. Apparently it is in ALL fruits and vegetables! Wow! So I was given carte blanche for all fruits and veggies. I can go crazy with it.

So if you want some free second-hand nutrition advice, eat 2 snacks a day, and add veggies, fruits, beans and whole wheat to your menu.

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