Thursday, October 23, 2008

A dyslexic man walks into a bra

We saw David Sedaris at Gammage last night, and it was wonderful! He is one of my favorite writers and so very hilarious. This was the second time we've seen him, and both times were fantastic.

Adding to the enjoyment was something I didn't expect: The sign language interpreter. (Aside: Why would a deaf person attend a book reading? Much of the humor comes from the author's vocal nuances. Oh well)

The interpreters stood to Sedaris' left onstage and did a phenomenal job of keeping up with his fast-paced stories.

The best interpretations:

"Throwing up gang signs," where the interpreter promptly put her hands up in front of her chest with index and pinkie fingers at attention.

"Slave monkey," where the interpeter curls her arms under her armpits in classic monkey fashion.

"Human feces," which is some kind of gyrating stomach movement.

Anyway, good times had by all. Oh, and he shared the joke listed in the title, in addition to "A baby seal walks into a bar. Bartender asks, 'What'll it be?' Seal says, 'Anything but a Canadian Club.'"


beckbot said...

How awesome! I just listened to his bit about popular kids on This American Life and it. was. hilarious. His voice is so absolutely unique and weird! That's cool that you guys could go see/hear him. And learned a few new signs as well!

beckbot said...

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