Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So what, did they use real moles?

Last Saturday I ran 9 miles in anticipation of the Disneyland half marathon on Aug. 31. I've spent the past two days nursing three blisters and two sore shoulders.

Today I bought insoles, moleskin and $25 socks. These accessories are in addition to the $80 shoes, $100 GPS tracker and $249 iPod.

I can't help but wonder...why do I NEED all of this crap? And I really do need it, unfortunately. My feet blister at the very mention of cotton socks. And I can't go 5 minutes if I don't have some overly peppy song blasting.

But the cavemen didn't need Adidas or moleskin to chase sabre tooth tigers and wooly mammoths. All they needed was an empty stomach and a spear.

I would have made a terrible cavewoman. I would have been forced to be a vegetarian, because carrots don't run that fast.


beckbot said...

Man, when I think of what it would take for me to run 26 miles, I think it's kind of a bargain.

beckbot said...

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