Thursday, August 07, 2008

Halloween spirit

This week I walked in Michael's to see they had put out all of their Halloween decorations. Fall-colored leaves, pumpkins and spooky characters were on display. It made me so cheerful, because I love Halloween! Of course, it's the beginning of August so it seems a little premature, but it made me want to decorate and start planning my costume.

Tony and I have pulled together some pretty sweet duos in the past, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with an interesting couple costume. Any ideas out there?

Ricky and Lucy Ricardo

Poison Ivy and Two Face

Illegal Immigrant and Border Patrol Agent


{The Prince Family} said...

ha ha, the last picture made me laugh out loud! You guys are TOO cute!!!

{Mullins} said...

you gotta do spongebob and sandy or spongebob and patrick. can you tell all we watch around here is that d@mn spongebob!! ;)

JenAve said...

you guys are great! I love those pictures.

beckbot said...

HA! I love how serious you look, esp. in the border patrol agent photo. It actually reminds me of a Fergie billboard I saw today where she looks really intense for no good reason.

Lindsay said...

You could copy what Austin and I did last year....Dwight and Angela from the Office. :) Complete with Sprinkles the cat and all..
See my old post on my blog for pics

Amandasundevil said...

nothing will ever beat illegal immigrant and border patrol agent. that picture brings joy to my soul, especially the look on tony's face. ahahahaha!

you ought to go for another controversial issue this time around, say gay marriage. you could be portia de rossi and tony could be ellen.