Wednesday, December 05, 2007

whatever Target cashier

Every time I go to a store, I try to use the least amount of bags possible. If I'm buying a book, I don't need a bag. Orange? no bag. You get the picture.

The other night I bought some stuff at Target and I tried to tell the cashier I only wanted two bags. But she INSISTED I take three.

She said - why does it matter?
I said - I'm trying to save the planet. It matters.
She said - just reuse them. use it as a trash liner
I said - that would be fine, if I had 600 trash cans, but I don't. I have too many bags already at home.

...and she hands me my third bag. screw you target cashier.


beckbot said...

I'm having the same problem! I've started to tell them in advance, "Hey, just cram as much stuff as you can in one bag." The other day I asked for paper bags and got some serious attitude from the cashier and bag-woman (bag lady? bag person?). Like rolling their eyes and snickering. It was pretty funny. Have you tried bringing your own bags? I haven't; I'm not sure how it all works. What's the protocol for handing over your nasty old tote bags to the bag clerk?

Lindsay said...

we do know that the people at whole foods love you when you bring your own bag...but that's hippie whole foods for ya. the hardest part is remembering to have a bag on you when you go to the store. i don't keep them in the car or anything.

and I always worry as I'm walking out carrying merchandise that I look like a rather blatant shoplifter

Noah said...

You should adapt this anecdote into a one-act tragicomedy. I call dibs on the part of Annoyed Person Behind Hippie in Line. And I'm going to have to insist that George's Gyros caters the rehearsals.

Lindsay said...

I hate her