Friday, September 28, 2007

you bet your fanny

So according to this article, fanny packs are back. Strange, it seems for some people they never left.

I for one lament the return for these reasons: 1 - "fanny" in the name. 2 - seems to sit at the very point on one's body that needs the least packing. 3 - It reminds me all too much of a certain family's mom who was not very nice.

Can we not just carry bags like civilized people?


beckbot said...

Not the family who packed every single item for a trip to Europe in ziplocks, right?

Also, I resent the whole tirade about fanny packs. I have seen very tasteful versions, one with a sort of calico leather motif and one made of metallic gold fabric. Both seen in Sedona, if my memory serves me.

Lindsay said...

HAHAHA!!! OH my gosh..I think I know exactly what family your talking about. And if has anything to do with "robin eggs" than I'm right :) hilarious!