Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Worst June 27 EVER

Yesterday started like any other day. Except I was wearing some cu-ute new pants that went great with some black heels. I made it to work at usual time when my co-worker Amanda called. Her car overheated and she was on the side of the road. Have no fear! I thought... Lindsay to the rescue! I jumped back in my car to bring her some water and was zooming down the road to her.

About a mile away, my radio went out for no reason. I just figured it was my usual bad car stereo luck. I stopped at a light and was talking to Tony on my cell. When the light turned green, my car turned on me. I was slamming my foot on the gas and the car was jerking and barely moving. I started screaming into the phone and instinctively threw it down. I barely made it through the intersection and pulled into a bus pullout.

After a prayer of thanks, I tried to restart my car. It didn't even try to start. It just gave up! I called my boss and I called Amanda to tell them that they should start believing in irony. Anyway, Tony called into work and came to help us both. He rescued Amanda then rescued me. We met at a McDonald's and bought some sodas.

In the end, the same tow truck carried our cars at the same time to the same car place. She got her car back (busted hose) the same day. I'm getting mine (alternator) tomorrow.

And the worst part? Cute pants wasted on the bus driver who honked at me for being in his lane.

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