Monday, May 01, 2006

Summer blues? I've got the answer!

Summer is coming up, and it's going to be my first as a real adult. That means no time off. Previous summers included snorkeling in Key West, tooling around Payson in my Volvo and serving steaks - "No Rules" style. But this summer will be different. As a full-time employee, I only have a few days of vacation every year. No three-week chunks of free time. (*aside - why did I think I was so busy in college? Every three months I had at least a month of vacation)

So what can I do to make the summer more beachy-keen? Here's some ideas:

* set up a beach umbrella over my desk - to help protect me from the harmful rays of a 1990s Mac

* Bring in my steel drum for a lunchtime luau

* construct a hammock out of paper clips

* put a little paper umbrella in my vending machine Coke Zero

* hang up post cards of all the exotic places I've been - el paso, tucson, birmingham, etc

Ahh. Already feels more like summer.

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beckbot said...

Yay! I read this after actually buying a beach umbrella (for the back patio, not my desk...). I must note here that the beach umbrella required a stand or table to hold it up, and, as I am too cheap to buy either of those, I make-shifted one. Think large flower pot, bricks, dirt, and rope; then let your imagination RUN WILD! Love your blog so far, linz.