Sunday, September 12, 2010

And now for something completely different

At long last, T and I have tackled the bedroom in our decorating derby. We saved it for last since it's a less-visible area of the house, which is sort of a silly strategy considering we probably hang out in here as much as we do the living room, and we don't have guests all that often. I digress.

Here is what the room looked like before the previous owners completely moved out. What you can't see in here are the giant holes on the wall from some failed project, and the phone jack that is currently duct-taped to the wall behind the bed.

I guess that doesn't really count as a "before" pic since it's not our stuff, but I like the contrast to our newer digs. What this post is really about is the new artwork furnished courtesy of my artist husband, who is amazing:

Materials included three canvases from Jerry's Artarama and paint from Michaels. Of course, the inspiration came from my favorite domestic bloggers: (scroll down to about the eighth picture).

Safe to say I love it and am so glad I married someone so talented.

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beckmarsh said...

So beautiful! You ARE lucky to be able to order up some awesome art any old time you want. I can only order up blueprints. Which is getting kind of boring.