Sunday, May 09, 2010

Where's the beef?

This weekend, T and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We got a room at the hotel where we married, and actually had time to use the amenities! Last time, we had to rush out, go home and get ready to go on a cruise. I remember scrubbing the bathtub the night before we left for our honeymoon.

This time, we hung out on Mill Ave, watched the Suns game and got 9 hours of sleep. We also laid by the pool, saw "Iron Man 2" and watched our new favorite series, "Breaking Bad." (Sidenote - that show is SO INTENSE and well-written. Highly recommend.)

Two interesting traditions: We drove several miles to buy a mini version of our wedding cake. When we got to the bakery, we were informed that they had sold out of ALL cakes thanks to Mother's Day. For some reason, this really bummed me out. I had waited until the last minute and it was my fault we didn't have a cake to eat on our first anniversary.I cried.

But it did set the stage for our second tradition: the hotel hamburger. Last year, as we prepared to leave the party and head up to the honeymoon suite, I leaned over to the banquet captain and begged him to send cake to our room because we were starving! He did us one better and sent a burger with fries. After a long day with little eating and lotsa stress, that burger was the most delicious thing we had ever tasted! Fast forward to this year...we had just arrived back to our room, and I was still sad. The night was on the verge of ruin. But we ordered the burger, and, lo and behold, it tasted just as delicious as it had last year. Not sure if it was the stress or just the fact that we got one tradition to work, but it totally saved the night.

I'd still like to get a little cake just to have a taste, but I'm thinking next year will be less about adhering to traditions, and more about doing what makes us happy.

Happy anniversary to my perfect match!


rebecca said...

That's so awesome! We had to stop at Filiberto's on the way to the hotel... we were starving, too, after 3 hours of standing in the line and 1 more hour of washing the cake off our car. Those burritos tasted GREAT. We stopped by Mom's the next day to pick up leftover reception food to eat in the car on the way to CA. Good memories. Oh, also, we saved the top of our cake in the freezer to eat on our anniversary. It got moldy on the bottom so we just ate some frosting. Happy anniversary!

Sarah Boggan said...

I love your story. Sorry the cake didn't work out but the burger sounded like a great substitute. Love the Mission Palms! :)