Sunday, May 02, 2010

The art of procrastination

I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now. It's about how the theories of organizational behavior are applied at Google, W.L. Gore and Whole Foods. Hey, wake up! I'm talking here!

I finished my second paragraph, so I'm celebrating by blogging. I wanted to introduce you to my new favorite guilty pleasure: I admit that I've been looking at it when I'm supposed to be doing any number of other things, including learning about forecasting in Statistics class.

I cannot get enough of this blog. I love what this couple has done to their house, and I am giddy thinking about how I could incorporate some of their ideas into mine. So far I plan to buy a chandelier for my little master bathroom and change up the colors in the guest bathroom. In that bathroom, the current color scheme is brown, black and maroon, which has never felt right to me.

Future projects include:
  • painting the kitchen cabinets back to white (sorry former owners, I can tell you recently painted them from white to this ugly brown/pink color)
  • adding ceiling lights to the hallway
  • painting a mural in our bedroom
  • buying a new desk/sewing table for the guest room
  • adding cabinets to the laundry room
  • buying a secretary's desk for the living room
OK so I just realized that I could have written another paragraph in the time it took to write this post. Guess it's back to the grind stone. Don't be surprised if I'm back in another 20 minutes to take a break.

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