Wednesday, March 24, 2010

cold sore crisis

I could feel it happening yesterday morning. A cold sore. Growing right under my nose. Literally.

You know that tingly feeling that not all is right with your body? Well it reared its ugly head and by the middle of the day, I was in full blown cold sore crisis, made worse when my friend told me it looked like a harelip. Awesome.

Well I made the mistake of frantically looking up some home remedies online. The one I chose involved poking yourself with needles and dousing the area in alcohol. Note: Do not do this. It will not help. And then you're the person who poked her face with needles.

I have since found a much better solution: over the counter cold sore medication. Now, why didn't I think of that? Of course it's VERY SLOWLY going away, but I really only have myself to blame, since I went the "believe everything you read online" route.

You know, it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so ugly. I found myself asking, "Which is uglier, a cold sore or a band-aid covering up a cold sore? One makes you look like you have a harelip and the other looks like a moustache." I decided against the band-aid. I think people actually look at you more when you have a visible band-aid. They are just dying to know what you are hiding.

Either way, I feel a little bit like a leper. Or is it a leopard? Well, something with spots that is also an outcast.

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