Tuesday, December 08, 2009

hey neighbor

We used to have some really cute neighbors next door. They had a 4-year-old girl named Riley who had glasses, curly blonde hair, and a habit of walking into the house without knocking. We were given Valentines and invitations to her birthday party. My best memory of her was when she sat on a kid-sized recliner in a princess crown and sang, "Happy Birthday to Me" between bites of cake.

But they moved. And I think they stopped making payments on the house. The neighbors on the other side only live there part time so we don't see them much.

And those are the only neighbors we know.

We have never spoken to the people who live directly across the street. Or the drug dealer two doors down. I half expected them to come make introductions, but they seem pretty reclusive. And I guess we're just as bad; we haven't made any effort to talk to a family that moved in to a house kitty corner to us.

Is it a standoff? Is everyone expecting the other to flinch first? Or is there no reason to know your neighbors anymore? I'd like to think there is a benefit...seems like there is some sort of safety reason buried in there. We held a garage sale recently and I think some people lived nearby but they didn't mention it.

Maybe Christmas is the time? Make a plate of cookies and brave the cold call? Anyone have some neighborly advice?


beckmarsh said...

I mentioned to someone the other day, "It's kind of weird. No one waves to neighbors here. In Texas it was all about waving." The person responded, "It's just Michigan. We've had the same neighbors for 21 years and they've never even said hello." Any chance your neighbors are from Michigan?

p.s. If I were Mom, I'd tell you to take them some bread.

Sarah Boggan said...

You don't want neighborly advice from me ... (hahahaha!)