Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well wishes

I finally got the gumption to put all the wedding stuff away. Not sure when I would open this box again. Maybe when someone else gets married and wants a bride and groom teddy bear pair.

As a part of this effort, I opened and read through all the cards again, which made me really sentimental. The messages were so kind and loving. And I remember sitting with T in our house going through each of these cards and the long list of gifts we received and feeling so BLESSED. Hundreds of people came and brought us gifts to send us on our way into matrimony. Hundreds were so very generous.

I felt remorse when I saw the generosity, and I felt it again the other night as I looked through the cards. Not because I didn't thank everyone - I'm pretty sure I did. But because I had honestly thought many of them wouldn't care. Or I assumed they wouldn't approve. Or that they would merely felt obligated to send us something. But they came. Or they sent cards. And they didn't have to.

I could not have guessed that so many people loved us and felt genuine joy for our happiness. Even this inscription from our guest book surprised me. It's from my brother's friend: "You love each other. Nothing else will ever matter more than that."

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