Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wedding Preview

So these are some samples of what I am planning for TBD (The Big Day).

First picture is the actual location of the ceremony, which will be outdoors and feature some kind of live musician. Haven't decided on harpist or guitarist.

Second picture is a sample of the bouquet. Mine will have purple and green instead of those colors, and feature roses and orchids.

Third pic is a flower girl dress to be worn by my nieces. Their dresses will be sage green with ivory colored sashes.

And the last pic is an image from Tammie Coe Cakes. I haven't decided on the precise design - I can also opt for polka dots if a I want - but I'll probably do something with purple and white.

Less than three months away! Getting very very excited!


Amy O said...

SO excited for you Lindsay and Tony! It looks to be the classiest event I've attended all year! Certainly a step up from the Primary Talent show, I'll tell you what. If I see one more nose-floutist, I might cry. Can't wait for your big day!

Allison Allen said...

Beautiful! I love the bouquet!