Saturday, June 07, 2008

The quarter life crisis

Well, it happened. I turned 25 on Monday. Quarter of a century. The Arizona quarter was released on my birthday. How appropo.

I've had two parties - both were raging successes. And, as usual, everyone was way too generous with the gifts and just made it an absolute blast. I am truly blessed to have such friends and family as this.

As usual on my birthday, I like to reflect on the past year and what I've accomplished. Or not. I was looking at what I posted last year, which was a list of things I wanted to do. Of all the things - getting closer to being debt free, publish three freelance articles, win an award, get a passport, run another half marathon - I only did one or two.

Since this time last year:
- Visited Boston and Washington, DC for the first time
- ran my second half marathon
- quit my job and got a better one
- remodeled my bathroom
- did NOT publish three freelance articles, win a journalism award or get a passport. I guess the new job will help me get debt-free, so that counts.

By next year, I want to:
- remodel my kitchen
- run a full marathon
- get a passport and make plans for international travel
- get involved in charity work
- take a web design class
- hire a Spanish tutor

Anyone else have some good life goal ideas? I'm taking suggestions.


JenAve said...
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JenAve said...

I didn't know you had a blog. Cool!

Anonymous said...

What!!!! I missed your birthday? Sorry Lindz, hope it was great! 25? So young

Johnny J

Lindsay said...

I love how driven you are! My goals include getting out of bed in the morning and staying sane until Austin gets home at 5. That's all :) Sorry I'm no help at offering other suggestions, but I'm too lame.