Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Bathroom Obsessed

I am having my bathroom redone this month. The look I'm going for is on the top. But given the fact that my bathroom is the size of a postage stamp (see bottom pic), it will have to be a little abbreviated.

I am extremely excited about the remodel, however I am really bad at making these kinds of decisions. I'm wracked by the numerous options in tile, glass, cabinets. I just want to give someone an idea and let them make it wonderful.

Are there people you can hire who already know what you want?


beckbot said...

I love the look you've chosen. I remember seeing some stuff at IKEA that would work well with it.

The Prince Family said...

ha ha! Nice Tampon box in the garbage :) I totally forgot you had a blog until I started blog-hopping today. LOVE the idea of your new bathroom, send them over to my house when they are finished.