Wednesday, January 16, 2008

on my mind

Totally stolen from Beckbot's blog
On My Bedside Table:
cup of undrank water
Outrageous! The Charles Barkley story
Naked by David Sedaris
Born Standing Up by Steve Martin
New Kings of Nonfiction
sore throat lozenge wrappers that I inevitably use as bookmarks

Latest Interests:
old James Bond movies
sewing on my new sewing machine!

On My Mind:
running marathons
working on my business

sewing (Ok I haven't sewn anything yet but I want to!)

[Thinking about] Making:
floor pillows for Tony
little purse
tilapia with white sauce made of neufchatel

Looking Forward To:
Shanna's 1992 prom night
April trip to Boston

Daily Show now that we have cable

Amused By:
Tony, who always makes me smile


Tony said...

I can't wait for my floor pillows!

Lindsay said...

I'm so impressed that you even own cheese called neufchatel. How exotic. haha