Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's done!

Today I crossed the finish line for my second half-marathon, this time in Phoenix. I cut about 20 minutes off my original time (still one of the slowest of the people I know - ask me if I care) and had a pretty good time the whole way.

It was sunny, but not too hot. Came off with a little sunburn. Also feeling a LOT of soreness in my hips (who knew that you have to use your hips for so much?) which means I'm hobbling around like an old woman. And some overall tiredness. I've been fighting off a cold for two days, and now I'm scared that since the race is over it will wash over me with a vengeance. Stay tuned for an "I'm sick!" blog in the next couple days.

Overall, another great experience. One of the things I was talking to my sister Amy (time 1:43 because she is a rockstar) about was the urge to cry when you cross the finish line. We decided that it's not so much that you conquered the impossible - since thousands of people finished the race. It's more that you have been aching and blistering and burning for two hours or so, suppressing the urge to slow down or give up. And when you see the finish line and you know that you conquered the urge to quit, it's just too much and you kind of choke up. Even watching the finish line at a marathon can be very emotional when you see people near the end.

Though I may take it easy for a couple weeks here, I think I'm still aiming for a full marathon on June 1 in San Diego. You all are invited!


Anonymous said...

you're a rock star, linz. i admire you so much for being able to do that. -amanda

beckbot said...

huzzah, lindsayia! I realize this is late because i've been bad about reading my favorite blogs. I'm so proud of you! Having barely survived one 5k over a year ago, I very much respect a 13 mile run, especially 13 miles all on the same day.

Lindsay said...

You are amazing! I wish I was YOU! I always wanted to run a 1/2, but once I started training, I got too bored and gave up :) haha. Seriously though, AWESOME job!!!