Monday, June 18, 2007

Can we use the vacuum for this?

Today an electrician came to the house to look at installing motion sensor lights. He brought his little boy with him. He was about 9.

I tried to be hospitable: I gave the kid Capri Sun and some fruit snacks. (Just ignore for a minute the fact that I already had this stuff in my cupboards and eat like a preschooler.)

By the time the two were leaving, the little boy was complaining that he didn't feel too good.

He was right.

He threw up in my doorway.....and my carpet....and my walls....and some of my picture frames.


Tony Carrillo said...

Complete and Total Barf-A-Rama

Lindsay said...

oh nasty! Did the dad clean it up or did you have to?? I guess you've learned your lesson about giving random children fruit snacks and capri suns. :) haha