Thursday, August 03, 2006

Areas of My Expertise

I've recently been trudging through a book called "The Know it All." It's about a man's quest to read the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica and become the smartest man in the world. It's funny, but it's pretty long and gets a little tiresome. I've made it to the V's.

Reading the encyclopedia is one way to become knowledgable about the world. You'd think that working at a newspaper would be another way. But you'd be wrong, my friend. Dead wrong.

I can't tell you what's going on in Lebanon today. I assume someone's getting blown up. I also couldn't tell you what Congress is up to. Accepting bribes? I'd believe it.

What I CAN tell you is about the condo craze in Scottsdale. Or the effort to ban lap dances at the local strip clubs. When it comes to local news, I'm your gal. Well, if it falls under my beat.

But if you want to know what's going on in the WORLD, don't ask me. Go read a newspaper or something.

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