Thursday, December 02, 2010

Did I ever tell you about the time...

...I submitted a wedding announcement to the New York Times? It's true. And we almost made it.

Here was the submission:

The bride and groom met in high school and their romance blossomed at Arizona State University, where Lindsay briefly served as Tony’s editor at the State Press newspaper. She was a demanding boss, and Tony was always submitting his comics after deadline. She did, however, try to nominate him for “Staffer of the Week,” but was turned down on account of nepotism. The couple enjoys putting on lavish theme parties for their friends, including a murder mystery written by the couple called “Diamonds Aren’t Forever.”

Tony proposed to Lindsay on their ninth anniversary as a couple. He was three days away from closing on his first house in Mesa, Ariz., and set up a table with flowers and chocolates in the courtyard. He invited Lindsay to see the house, and when she arrived, she found him sitting at the table, dressed in a suit. He asked her to marry him and she accepted. Then she told him that technically they were trespassing, since the property did not yet belong to him. They packed up their table and went to share the news.

And here was the reply from the actual EDITOR of the society section:

Hi Lindsay,
Could you kindly shoot another copy of your wedding submission to my e-mail address?
Also please resend the photo and let us know if there's a professionalphotographer that must be credited.

Bob Woletz

Editor, Society News

The New York Times

Of course, I flipped out and started celebrating. The story never ran, for reasons I can only assume have to do with how funny our writeup was. They like things to be a little more snooty I guess, and trespassing doesn't quite fit that bill.

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beckmarsh said...

There was no mention of an Ivy League school or St. Bart's in your announcement so I don't think it made the final cut. But I love that someone at NYT uses the phrase "shoot me an email."