Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Now that we have our own house, we are finally going to fulfill one of my long-term dreams: hosting a giant Halloween party.

I love Halloween. It's pure fun, without the spending and politics of Christmas. (I still love Christmas don't worry!) We put a lot of thought into our Halloween costumes every year. This year the pressure's really on to have a great costume, since we will be the hosts extraordinaire.
The biggest challenge will be to decorate the house in the bestest, most bitchin' Boo-fest ever. I'm already researching ideas for decor, both cute and creepy.
Anyone have any easy or cool ideas? Anyone want to have a craft/decor day on Oct. 24? :)


beckbot said...

Check out these awesome lanterns @ Martha Stewart:

I love that they involve printing out a design from the computer instead of embossing or cutting with an exacto knife or other methods of craft torture. And I would very much LOVE to join you for a craft day. But I think I will be too busy moping here in sunny ol' Michigan.

The Q said...

Hit up HGTV.com :)