Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog on blogging

I know. Bad title.

Just read one of my favorite bloggers, Girl in a Party Hat, and was inspired to write. She wears her heart on her screen, and doesn't seem to fear revealing too much, as I often do.

I don't blog about work - that's a gimme. But I could probably share a little more. I guess I'm torn about publishing that kind of information -- what if no one reads it? Or worse, what if they do?

I'm usually prompted to write when something bad has happened. For instance, this morning I managed to dump a whole pan full of muffin batter onto the hot oven door. I spent 20 minutes mopping up the goop instead of watching them brown into apple cinnamon delights. And was left with no reward; just a cat hoping for a little taste off the floor.

Or like now, when T and I have been stressed out - both for good and bad reasons. But I can't share that. It has more implications than a pan of muffins.

If I was a better cook, I'd share recipes. If I was crafty, I'd share photos of my latest homemade tote bag. If I had kids, I'd share photos. You get the picture.

I guess until I do acquire all of those things, you (and I) are stuck with muffin stories and gripes about free movie screenings. :)

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