Tuesday, June 02, 2009

26 at 26

Today is my birthday. I'm 26. Last year Arizona revealed its new quarters. This year they're just raising gas prices.

26 things that have happened since last year

26. I got married less than a month ago. I love it.
25. I started learning Shaolin kung fu and now I am a green belt. I will be a brown belt in less than two months.
24. I moved into a real live house with a fireplace, vaulted ceilings and laundry nook.
23. I am considering going to grad school. For real this time.
22. For the first time, I voted for a winning president.
21. I got a passport and took a cruise. It was fun. Still have never traveled across an ocean or continent.
20. I decided I really don't want a dog.
19. I am really enjoying my group of friends and have added a few new ones.
18. I think about babies a lot, but only in the abstract. Real thinking is a couple years away.
17. Birthdays don't really faze me too much. 30 still seems far away, but I am happy with who I am at all ages, so I'm not too worried about it.
16. I really love living in Arizona but would consider California if T pursues a career in show biz writing.
15. I am learning to love people more and judge them less. (Emphasis on learning - as in not perfect.)
14. I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love that came from the woodwork at our wedding. It has taught me to be more community-oriented and rethink how I treat others during special/important times.
13. I still haven't learned to sew on my Hello Kitty sewing machine.
12. I didn't get to run a marathon. Turns out my feet completely give out after 15 miles. It would still be nice to do someday.
11. I'd like to do more camping. T and I have tried a couple times with disastrous results.
10. I'm not sure I want any pets, which will probably come as bad news to my cats.
9. My first choice of foreign country to visit would still be Italy, though we may end up going to China first (not a bad thing!).
8. I don't really watch TV anymore, aside from a couple shows we Tivo and then never watch.
7. I have a new baby niece who I adore.
6. I can do 40 pushups. Real ones.
5. I am considering laser eye surgery. It would be nice to say goodbye to glasses, which I've had since 4th grade.
4. I enjoy cooking and baking more than I ever have before. Possibly connected to all the new toys we got for the wedding.
3. I wish my sisters all lived here.
2. I'm glad my parents live here.
1. I'm very thankful for my health, my husband, my family and my friends.

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beckbot said...

I totally hear you on #3 and #4. We could cook and bake together! I remember a few years ago you asked me if I had any 9 X 13 pans with my name written on them in permanent marker. I did... still do. I think you probably will before the year is out. Marriage: the jumping-off point for a life of CASSEROLES!