Sunday, March 15, 2009

and then everybody totally wigged

So the aforementioned wig party went off like Uncle Jim's toupee.

All the friends got way into it, and everyone brought a wig or chose from the collection of 7 I had on display.

Seriously had no idea everyone would support this theme! I always thought my little wig hobby was weird at best.

But Wig Party II is already in the works. I would highly recommend this as a very cheap theme party.

Oh, and I went with some super fun hair-themed items to serve: bell peppers stuffed with angel hair pasta, braided bread sticks and beehive hair do cupcakes.


Allison Allen said...

I wish we could have come! It looks like it was wigtastic.

beckbot said...

Ugh... I bet you had a lot of hairballs to clean up afterward.