Monday, May 21, 2007

Bad Car-ma

I just had to leave my car in a Target parking lot overnight, causing waves of stress and grouchiness. Luckily, it only meant buying a new battery, which is under 100 bucks and easy to install. It also inspired me to look for a "Basics in Car Repair" class, because I'm just about the most clueless person on the planet when it comes to cars. I've never even checked my oil. But on the plus side, I have a very good relationship with my mechanic!

Sometimes I imagine myself buying all the right tools and spending a couple hours on a Saturday morning tinkering with my car, alone with my thoughts, Hank Hill style. Then I think about shopping at IKEA instead, and just dropping off the car to let someone else do it. And it sounds a lot better.

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beckbot said...

I think shopping at IKEA trumps just about any other activity. I went today pretty much for the sole purpose of returning a 99-cent flashlight that didn't work. I just love that store... and the raspberry sandwich cookies piled up so invitingly at the register.