Sunday, April 29, 2007

Grumpy Old Men

Last night I had two run ins with grumpy old men, or GOM. The first occurred at a gelato shop, when a GOM in a fancy grey suit cut in front of hordes of people to order in front of us. He was rebuffed by his fancy old wife. Yet, just seconds later, he tried to cut us in line again at the cashier, and gave us the evil eye as we blocked his maneuver.

The second entanglement occurred at a bridge. This time the GOM was guarding the pathway, like a fairy tale troll, and tried to convince me that the bridge had been closed for two months. Actually he said it like this: "Sweetheart, I work here every night!" And I tried to explain to him that I had crossed the bridge just the previous week. I left in a huff, angry that I didn't have the right password for the ol troll and that he called me "Sweetheart".

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Heather said...

At least these were not Creepy Old Men, or COM. I left my work badge, which lets me in the parking garage, at my desk, so today when I pulled up I told the old security guard so he'd let me in. "Well, why'd you do that?" he asked. "I'm forgetful," said I. "I bet you did it so I could look at you for awhile," he said, smiling creepily. *shudder*