Monday, December 25, 2006

A bicycle built for one

Yesterday I saw a middle-aged couple/possibly retired riding their bikes together in Tempe. And I began to wonder why so many people - myself included - get joy out of riding a bike. I decided it's a number of things: 1) since so many people learn to ride in their childhood, it reminds them of being a kid. 2) the open air whooshing by is so much more enjoyable than the one you feel walking or driving, and 3) you get to see so many things up close that you normally miss if you usually drive.

I have a bike, but I don't go out as often as I'd like. It's red, with an automatic transmission, which means it changes gears for me. Yeah, it's pretty sweet. I am part of a Tempe bike gang called BONES. Maybe you've heard of it? Bikers of the Night East Side? No? OK. Anyway, we go on rides to freak out the establishment. It's pretty rad. My code name is Lady Death, and when I go on BONES rides I bring along a little skeleton lady I got at Target.

As far as the helmet issue goes, here's my thoughts: I probably should wear a helmet, and maybe one of these days I'll break down and buy one. But the problem is that the only helmets available for purchase are very unattractive, and though they are good for safety, not good for coolness. Someone should design a bike helmet with some style! I'll accept designs and choose a winner.

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